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We provide comprehensive landscape construction, deck building, sprinkler installations, and sprinkler services to enhance your outdoor space.

Our landscape construction services help transform your outdoor area with features like patios, walkways, and retaining walls, adding both beauty and functionality.

Our experienced deck builders create custom decks that perfectly complement your property, offering a relaxing and stylish outdoor living space.

Our sprinkler installations include precision irrigation systems that efficiently water your lawn and gardens, ensuring lush greenery all year round.

Regular sprinkler system repair and maintenance services by our experts keep your system running optimally, preventing water wastage and ensuring proper coverage.

Our deck installation process involves personalized planning, quality materials, and skilled craftsmanship, resulting in a durable and visually appealing deck.

We are a trusted irrigation company known for installing efficient irrigation systems that conserve water while maintaining the health of your landscape.

Our lawn care company provides professional lawn mowing services, ensuring your grass stays well-groomed and healthy throughout the season.

Our lawn care services encompass a range of treatments, including fertilization, weed control, and aeration, promoting a vibrant and resilient lawn.

As experienced landscapers, we combine creativity and expertise to design and execute landscapes that harmonize with your vision and environment.

An efficient sprinkler system saves water, time, and money, while maintaining an optimal moisture level for a thriving landscape.

Our irrigation installation optimizes water distribution, reducing water waste and ensuring each part of your landscape receives the necessary hydration.

Landscape construction offers various features like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and seating areas that enhance the beauty and usability of your property.

Hardscaping elements such as pathways and patios add structure and functionality to your landscape, creating a seamless blend of aesthetics and utility.

Our landscape services include expertly placed lighting that enhances the ambiance, safety, and security of your property during nighttime hours.

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scott paquin
scott paquin
I had called five other irrigation companies in Thurston County and most didn’t even return my call and the ones that she said they were too busy to help even after telling them I really needed help as I just paid 2k to reseed my entire yard when my system broke. Burt took my call and had someone here the same day. Within 2 hours John showed up. John trouble shot the problem and drove to hardware store to get additional parts and fixed my system same day! Burt even had remembered I told him I was selling my house and he wished me luck w that. Exceptional service and people. Thank you Burt and John!!!
Kay cannon
Kay cannon
Bert and his crew did an outstanding job repairing and installing our sprinkler system. Bert was so helpful with the pump system we have. They will be number one on our list for future projects and repairs.
warangkhana wongba
warangkhana wongba
Mr.Cooper is professional , responsive and friendly . I called this service up after nobody is up for repair irrigation system including the builder. He came over fixed things up right away. Reasonable pricing . Highly recommended
Carey Finn
Carey Finn
Sprinkler Solutions was readily available, in a peak season, while other services were 3 to 4 weeks out. That is not suggest they should be considered last because of that. Sprinkler Solutions was called to fix a valve box job that was poorly repaired...let's just say that the valve box was supposedly fixed by another company, just last year. The other company actually cracked the existing box leaving it to leak quite a bit. Burt Cooper tackled the job and his work provided more attention to finishing the work correctly. He even lined the ground under which the box sat, to protect against underground animal and other intrusions to the box bed. He also checked to see that the WHOLE system was functioning. He made recommendations for my system to be more efficient. I will revisit with him again next spring for some enhancements. He properly adjusted a sprinkler head that I installed the day before.
Jeff F
Jeff F
The owner completely solved my sprinkler issue. He made time in his busy schedule to help me within one day. I will use this business in the future without hesitation.
Y. K.
Y. K.
Burt and his crew showed up on-time each day and expertly installed our irrigation system. They were all very knowledgeable and professional, and our sprinkler system works flawlessly. 10/10 I'd recommend them to friends and family!
Kurt Stilley
Kurt Stilley
Needed a repair on our system. Burt came out the same day and fixed the problem. Great service and great price. Would only use them. Highly recommend them.
Dorothy Snowdo
Dorothy Snowdo
We had our sprinkler system installed by Burt and his crew at Greenscapes / Sprinkler Solutions. From the first phone call onwards, Burt was extremely helpful, responsive, informative, and friendly. Burt and his crew did an amazing job and were completely professional the entire time. I can't recommend them enough - not only did they do a wonderful job, but they did it for a great price. Thank you to everyone at Greenscapes / Sprinkler Solutions!
Ed McVoy
Ed McVoy
Burt responded to my request for contact right away and scheduled an inspection at my convenience. He completed my irrigation improvement job on time and at a reasonable cost. He provided professional advice and completed a quality job. I couldn't be more pleased and highly recommend Sprinkler Solutions.
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